The beginning of FIRMLINE Network

Firm-Line is a Network recently founded by a group of young professionals in Ferrara (Italy) which offers, a full high level support, for musical and visual production through integrated step-by-step industry standard services.

The very effective structure of the company gives the opportunity to the clients to reach high quality results with low budget.

The network’s clients can move to the in-house facility (always available and included in the price) to focus and concentrate on the full creative process.

By reaching us the musicians will find their own accomodation (including everything) and a full back-line in studio. In a few words just come here, everything will be ready and perfect for you.

Another strong point of our idea is the “week-end”: most of the similar companies do not work on saturday and sunday, making everything difficult for the musicians  with a day job and family.

Firm-Line fully supports its clients with the possibility of working during week-ends.